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Learn to see the untapped potential in digital and see how your data can become an asset.
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Use the power of data & technology to empower your existing processes and make your digital assets shoot ahead.
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We help you know more about the worlds current digital landscape. Let's empower your organisation to grow.
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AI Adoption
According to McKinsey, 70% of companies will use some form of artificial intelligence by 2030. It will result in an additional $13 trillion of economic activity on a global scale.
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Supply + Demand For Data
Up to 2.72 million jobs requiring data science skills will be posted by 2020, making it one of the highest-demand roles today (IBM Quant Crunch, 2017).
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Data101 presents you with the opportunity to prepare your organisation for a competitive, technically literate future. We'll be your guide in unlocked the hidden power behind Artificial intelligence, digital transformation, automation and much more, turning you from survive to thrive.
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Let's get them thinking - Data101 for Edu
While technology is powering organisations everywhere, not nearly enough youths are prepared for the world ahead. We aim to empower young people to understand today and tomorrow's tech so they can have superpowers in whatever role they land into.
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